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CorptechIT has fast become one of the most sought after disciplines by companies today

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For the skilled manpower in high end technology courses like SAP, SAP-MM, SAP-WM, SAP-SRM, SAP-PP, SAP-SD, SAP-FICO, SAP-APO, SAP-BW/BI,SAP HANA and ERP domains.

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Own your future learning new skills online

CorptechIT is all the more effective as it is very flexible and convenient and can be undertaken at any time even by working professionals.

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Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management

CorptechIT is provides Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management Online Training by excellent experienced IT professionals who has real time experience. All our faculty is dedicated so that we can complete your course as per the schedule given we also also you to record the classes from your end so that you can refer the classes once again when ever is required.We provide classes through online. We also give interview support & Technical support. We market your profile in USA, UK, SINGAPORE, NEWZELAND, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, SWEDEN, SOUTH AFRICA. We trouble shoot your problems while you are working we address your questions during the Online Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management Training even after the course completion. After completion of your course we will help you to clear your interviews and also assist you to get certified on Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management. We will give you 100% Satisfaction.

Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management Online Training Course Content

Hyperion Profitability & Cost Management Online Training Content (Only Development)

  • Hyperion Profitability & Cost Management
  • Hyperion Profitability & Cost Management (Only Development)

Introduction to Profitability and Cost Management

  • Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System
  • About Profitability and Cost Management
  • Product Architecture
  • Product Components
  • Profitability and Cost Management Implementation Process

Navigating Models

  • About Models
  • Model Levels
  • Model Components
  • Accessing Models

Essbase Concepts

  • Profitability and Cost Management Repository and Essbase
  • Multidimensional Analysis
  • Administration Services Console
  • Essbase Outlines
  • Calculation Scripts
  • Member Properties
  • Block Storage and Aggregate Storage Databases

Managing Dimensions with Performance Management Architect

  • Performance Management Architect Overview
  • Dimension Library
  • Standard Dimensions for Profitability and Cost Management
  • Creating Dimensions
  • Creating Members
  • Managing Members
  • Organizing Shared Library
  • Managing Dimensions with Grid Editor

Loading Dimension Metadata

  • About Loading Dimension Metadata
  • Setting Up Text Files
  • Setting Up Interface Tables
  • Loading Metadata
  • Viewing Job Status

Creating Applications

  • About Performance Management Architect Applications
  • Creating Applications with Application Wizard
  • Managing Local and Shared Dimensions
  • Adding Dimensions to Applications
  • Changing Local Dimensions to Shared Dimensions
  • Overriding Inherited Property Settings
  • Excluding and Showing Members
  • Synchronizing Local with Shared Dimensions

Setting Up Profitability and Cost Management Dimensions

  • Setting Up Common Dimension Properties
  • Adding Custom Driver Measures
  • Setting Up Business Dimensions
  • Setting Up POV Dimensions
  • Adding Member Descriptions
  • Assigning Attributes
  • Adding User-Defined Attributes
  • Adding Member Formulas

Deploying Applications

  • About Deploying Applications
  • Validating Applications
  • Comparing Applications
  • Duplicating Applications
  • Deploying Applications to Application Servers
  • Viewing Job Status

Creating the Model Structure

  • About Models
  • Setting Model Preferences
  • About Stages
  • Stages and Dimensions
  • About Points of View
  • Adding Points of View
  • Copying Points of View
  • Deploying Essbase Databases

Adding Data to Models

  • About Adding Data to Models
  • Loading Data
  • Viewing and Editing Stage Data
  • Viewing and Editing Driver Data

Setting Up Assignments

  • About Assignments
  • Creating Assignments
  • Creating Assignment Rules
  • Design Considerations

Introduction to Drivers

  • About Drivers
  • Driver Formulas
  • Driver Formula Example
  • Formula Types
  • Driver Basis Types
  • Priority Sequence Drivers

Creating Drivers for Allocations

  • Creating Drivers
  • Selecting Drivers
  • Adding Exceptions to Driver Selections

Managing Calculations

  • About Managing Calculations
  • Validating the Model Structure
  • Running Driver Data Reports
  • Running Calculations
  • Running the Stage Balancing Report
  • Running Trace Allocation Reports

Analyzing Data

  • About Reporting
  • Navigating Smart View
  • Connecting to Data Sources
  • Creating Ad Hoc Grids
  • Setting the Point of View
  • Associating Data Sources with Worksheets
  • Creating Free-Form Grids
  • Navigating Profitability and Cost Management Data

Security and Lifecycle Management

  • User Authentication
  • About Security Roles
  • Assigning Security Roles
  • About Staging Tables
  • Importing Model Metadata from Staging Tables
  • Migrating Applications by Using Lifecycle Management