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CorptechIT has fast become one of the most sought after disciplines by companies today

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Building World Class IT Professional Online Training

For the skilled manpower in high end technology courses like SAP, SAP-MM, SAP-WM, SAP-SRM, SAP-PP, SAP-SD, SAP-FICO, SAP-APO, SAP-BW/BI,SAP HANA and ERP domains.

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Own your future learning new skills online

CorptechIT is all the more effective as it is very flexible and convenient and can be undertaken at any time even by working professionals.

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CorptechIT provides Online Training by experienced IT professionals. Our faculties dedicated to complete your course as per the schedule given. We record the classes from your end  to refer  the classes once again whenever is required. SAP HANA Online Training being a really important module, we have taken precise steps in teaching a full-fledged SAP HANA  Online Training course curriculum that covers all the concepts. Our customer support team  and trainers will solve all your queries as and when required. SAP HANA  Online Training has got the right training that can fulfill a candidate’s training expectations. We see to that the value and quality of our SAP HANA  Online Training will not be compromised at all. We will market your resume in USA, UK, SINGAPORE, NEWZELAND, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, SWEDEN, SOUTH AFRICA. We clarify your questions during the training even after the course completion. After completion of training we will help you to assist you to get certified on SAP HANA . We will give you 100% Satisfaction.

SAP HANA Online Training Course Content


  •   Big Data
  •   Big Data Analytics
  •   Sap Hana Basic Concepts

Basics Of In-Memory Computing

  •   Row Storage
  •   Column Storage
  •   Aggregation
  •   Advantages and Disadvantages
  •   Data Persistence
  •   L1,L2 and Main Memory-Delta

Hana Overview

  •   Architecture
  •   Delivery model
  •   Hana Sizing
  •   Stand alone
  •   Database for SAP BI/BW

Software Components and Replication Methods

  •   Hana Client
  •   Hana Studio
  •   Hana Studio Repository
  •   Hana Landscape Management Structure
  •   Sap Host Agent
  •   Software Update Manager for Sap Hana
  •   Hana Unfiled Installer
  •   Data Replication Methods for Sap Hana-SLT, ETL, DXZ, Log Based

Sap Hana Use Cases and Integration Scenarios

  •   Basic use Case Scenarios
  •   Sap Hana as a Technology Platform
  •   Sap Hana for Operational Reporting
  •   Sap Products Running on Sap Hana
  •   Programming Techniques using Sap Hana

Multidimensional Modeling

  •   Star Schema
  •   Master Data
  •   Attributes
  •   key figures/facts
  •   Dimensions
  •   Pivot tables

Sap Hana Studio-Look and Feel

  •   Interface views
  •   Perspectives
  •   Delivery unit
  •   Packages
  •   Schemas
  •   Model views


  •   Create Schema
  •   Create table
  •   Insert/update data
  •   Create view
  •   Create Sequence
  •   Create synonym
  •   Create trigger

Sql-Procedural Statements

  •   Create procedure
  •   Create functions

Model Creation

  •   Attribute view
  •   Analytical view
  •   Use flat file
  •   Attribute view-2
  •   Analytical view-2
  •   Calculation view-graphical
  •   CE functions
  •   Decision table
  •   Calculation view-SQL SCRIPT
  •   USER
  •   Roles
  •   Analytical privileges

Application Development

  •   Sap Hana Native Application Basics
  •   Sap Hana Application Development Tools

Project Explorer

  •   Database tasks
  •   Single file data load of CSVs
  •   Authorization
  •   Revisiting procedures
  •   Debugging

Exposing and Consuming Data With O Data

  •   Exposing and Consuming Data-Architecture
  •   SAP ui5
  •   Creating a user interface with Sap ui5
  •   O Data Services
  •   Creating a simple o Data Service
  •   Creating a complex o Data Service
  •   Calling on O Data Service from The User Interface

Exposing And Consuming Data With Server-Side Javascript

  •   Server-side java script(XSJS)v
  •   Creating an XSJS Service
  •   Extending the XSJS service
  •   Calling the XSJS from the UI
  •   Debugging XSJS


  •   Excel
  •   Bo Explorer
  •   Universe creation-IDT
  •   WEBI report


  •   SLT
  •   ETL-BODS