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CorptechIT provides Online Training by experienced IT professionals. Our faculties dedicated to complete your course as per the schedule given. We record the classes from your end  to refer  the classes once again whenever is required. Microsoft Dynamics SL Online Training being a really important module, we have taken precise steps in teaching a full-fledged Microsoft Dynamics SL  Online Training course curriculum that covers all the concepts. Our customer support team  and trainers will solve all your queries as and when required. Microsoft Dynamics SL  Online Training has got the right training that can fulfill a candidate’s training expectations. We see to that the value and quality of our Microsoft Dynamics SL  Online Training will not be compromised at all. We will market your resume in USA, UK, SINGAPORE, NEWZELAND, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, JAPAN, SWEDEN, SOUTH AFRICA. We clarify your questions during the training even after the course completion. After completion of training we will help you to assist you to get certified on Microsoft Dynamics SL . We will give you 100% Satisfaction.

Microsoft Dynamics SL Online Training Course Content

Course Details

  • Course Description
  • Module Overview
  • Process Flow
  • Other Features
  • Understand the goals of this course.
  • See how the Order Management module fits into the suite of available modules for the Microsoft Dynamics SL system.
  • Follow the flow of transactions through Order Management.

Active Overview

  • Procedures for Processing Orders
  • Processing Orders – Step by Step
  • Understand the flow of Order Management transactions.
  • Understand the process of entering Sales Orders and Shippers.
  • Confirm shipment of goods and print invoices.

Understand the importance of the Sales Journal
Chapter 3: Pricing

  • Discount Pricing Concepts
  • Procedures for Establishing Sales Prices
  • Customer Price Classes
  • Item Prices Classes
  • Chain Discounts
  • Sales Price
  • Sales Price Revision
  • Pricing Reports

Chapter 4: Order Types

  • Procedures for creating new order types
  • Pre-Defined order types

Chapter 5: Processing Orders

  • Procedures for entering Sales Orders
  • Sales Orders – Workspace
  • Sales Order Window
  • Process Manager
  • Reports

Chapter 6: Shipping Orders

  • Procedures for shipping orders
  • Shippers Window
  • Manifest Entry
  • Shipment Confirmation
  • Reports

Chapter 7: Order Management Integration

  • Order Management Integration
  • Invoice
  • Shipper Form Post-Process
  • Sales Journal
  • Invoice and Memo
  • Payment Application
  • Issues

Chapter 8: Managing Orders

  • Credit Manager’s Assistant
  • Customer Lookup
  • Booking Display
  • Customer Service Assistant
  • Task Schedule
  • Task Server
  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Reports

Chapter 9: Order to Purchase Setup

  • Module Integration Diagram
  • Module Implementation Worksheet
  • Order to Purchase Default Logic
  • Inventory Items
  • Inventory Sites
  • Order Types

Chapter 10: Order to Purchase Processing

  • Procedures for Processing Order to Purchase Transactions
  • Sales Orders
  • Shipment Schedule
  • Purchase Order for Sales Order
  • Purchase Orders
  • Receipt/Invoice Entry
  • Release Receipt Batches
  • Process Manager
  • Shippers
  • Inquiry Windows

Chapter 11: Closing

  • Balance to the General Ledger
  • Close for the Month or Year
  • Delete Order Management Detail
  • Perform OM Integrity Check

Appendix A: Order Management Setup

  • Order Management Policies
  • Order Management setup Checklist
  • Module Implementation Worksheet
  • Terms Maintenance
  • FOB Maintenance
  • Carriers Maintenance
  • Ship Via Maintenance
  • Customer Carriers
  • Freight Terms
  • User Defaults
  • Order Management Setup
  • Non-Stock Item
  • Miscellaneous Charges
  • Payment Types
  • Certification Text
  • Inspection
  • Lost Sale Codes
  • Credit Managers
  • Item GL Classes
  • Customer Contacts
  • Customer Maintenance
  • Shipping Address
  • Reports

Appendix B: Sales Tax Maintenance

  • Sales Tax Procedures
  • Tax Maintenance
  • Tax Categories
  • Tax Groups
  • Assigning Taxes to Customers
  • Using Taxes in Data Entry
  • Tax Reporting

Appendix C: Terms Maintenance

  • Shared Information Terms Maintenance
  • Multiple Installments
  • Using Multiple Installment Terms {/tab}