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CorptechIT has fast become one of the most sought after disciplines by companies today

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For the skilled manpower in high end technology courses like SAP, SAP-MM, SAP-WM, SAP-SRM, SAP-PP, SAP-SD, SAP-FICO, SAP-APO, SAP-BW/BI,SAP HANA and ERP domains.

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CorptechIT is all the more effective as it is very flexible and convenient and can be undertaken at any time even by working professionals.

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Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g12c

TechgenLabs is one of the leading IT online Training and Placements Organization in USA. Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g12c Online Training classes by TechgenLabs with highly qualified and excellent experienced trainers. Our trainers are experts and they have more experience in the real time environment in Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g12c online training. We provide interactive and effective training for our student. So that you can interact with the faculty to clarify your doubts. Our team of well experienced Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g12c online trainers with vast real time IT experience in Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g12c Online Training is dedicated towards providing quality training in Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g12c Online Training. We provide all real time interview questions to the students. We will provide recorded videos and material for future reference. Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g12c Online Training is your one stop & Best solution to learn at your home with flexible timings. We placed our students in USA, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, and Scotland. We provide Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g12c interview support and project support.

Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g12c Online Training Course Content


  • What Today’s Data Center Looks Like, Key Features, Defining Enterprise Manager Grid Control, Use Of Enterprise Manager Grid Control in Business Driven IT Management, Capabilities to Manage Enterprise Application Stack, Plug Ins and Connectors

Introduction To Oracle Database 12c

  • Overview of the Oracle Cloud, Overview of the Oracle Database 12c, Database ADMINISTRATION TASKS, RELATIONAL DATABASE CONCEPTS

Grid Control Architecture

  • Components of Grid Control, Architecture of Grid Control, Target Types Managed by Grid Control, Maximum Availability Architecture

Oracle Database 12c Architecture

  • Overview of the Oracle Database Architecture, Connect to the Oracle Database Instance, Oracle Database Memory Structures, Server and Client Processes, the Oracle Database Instance, the Oracle Database Storage Architecture, Process Architecture and Structures

Data Concurrency and Lock Conflicts

  • Levels Of Locking in Oracle, Data Concurrency, Possible Causes of Contention, Prevent Locking Problems, Methods Used to Acquire Locks, Resolve Conflicts, DML Locks, Grid Control Architecture, Detect Lock Contention

SQL Tuning

  • SQL Tuning, SQL Plan Directives, The Oracle Optimizer, SQL Advisors, Implement Automatic Tuning Recommendations, Automatic SQL Tuning Results, SQL Tuning Advisor, Adaptive Execution Plans

Automate Tasks With the Scheduler

  • Introduction to the Scheduler, Access Rights, Create a Job, Scheduler Components and Workflow, Create an Event Based Scheduling, Job Classes, Use Time Based, Event Based Schedules

Installing and Configuration Of an Oracle Database

  • Understand System Requirements, Delete a Database Using Dbca, Use Oracle Universal Installer, Use DBCA to Manage Templates, Create and Update Database Using DBCA and DBUA

Administer A Database and Database Storage Structures

  • Administrative Tools Available to a Dba, Start and Stop the EM Database Console, EM Navigation, Administer the Database Using Enterprise Manager, Use SQL*Plus and SQL Developer Manage a Database, Oracle Database Structures, Grant EM Administrative Privileges to a User, Redo Log and Archive Redo Log Files, Control Files, Manage Undo and Use the Undo Advisor, Tablespaces and Data Files, Create And Manage Table Spaces, Use EM to View the Storage Structure of the Database

Configure the Oracle Network Environment

  • Overview of Network Configuration, Oracle Net Naming Methods, Oracle Net Listener Management and Configuration, Use Tnsping to Test Oracle Net Connectivity, Start and Stop the Oracle Listener, Configure Local Naming for Client Connections with Net Manager, Configure the Listener with EM, Connect to the Database, Tools for Managing and Configuring the Oracle Network

Manage an Oracle Instance

  • Oracle Instance, Memory Structures, Instance Management, Initialization Parameters, Access An Oracle Database, Shutdown the Database, Background Processes, Startup the DATABASE, PASSWORD FILE, VIEW ALERT LOG AND TRACE FILES

Manage Users And Schema Objects

  • User Accounts, Create and Administer User Accounts, Database Administration Accounts, Administer Privileges and Roles, Create Indexes, Change a User’s Password, Lock and Unlock User Accounts, View the Attributes and Contents of a Table, Create Schema Objects, Understand Data Integrity, Define Constraints, View Index Attributes, Create Views, Sequences, Synonyms, New Tables

Performance Monitoring

  • Monitor an Oracle Database, Self-Monitoring Architecture, Automatic Database Diagnostics Monitor, Automatic Workload Repository, Set Up Notification Rules, Use the Advisors, Conclusion